Upholding Employee Rights Through A Whistleblower Software

By Christi Larsen

A whistleblower software is a program that allows employees to disclose any violations of the law on their present company to a superior or government agency without fear of being punished. Several countries have installed such program as this allows them to observe what aspects in their company do they need to improve.

More so, companies that have such program encourages their employee to be courageous enough to speak up on the complaints and disappointments that they have on their company. These programs are highly beneficial to both employees and with the society in general. Employees being exposed on the front line notices problems more than anyone else.

Several governments worldwide have been receiving dissatisfying polls from employees towards their employers but fail to make an action to it. Mainly because they cannot put a name to for an instance made a grave violation of and employee's or employees' work ethics. Through this program, government agencies will receive complaints from the employees straight from the company's installed software.

On the program, any employee can report any workplace violation such as sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions without feeling any fear of retaliation. Indeed, the company is not allowed to lay off or fire of an employee who made a complaint about the company's unfair system, mishandling of employees, abuse of power and other related issues.

There are instances that companies or employers ignore or play a little attention to the complaints of their employees concerning their working condition, or unfair pay which therefore makes it very much necessary to create such program. Now, employees can make a complaint straight to a government agency or the right authorities without any hesitation or fear.

Employees who would report such issues could receive threats, demotion, harassment, intimidation, blacklisting or even unemployment. As a result, violated employees would choose to keep their complaints to themselves. Fortunately, a program was created to protect employees from suffering any forms of punishment should they wish to report any internal violation.

The advent of these computer programs has ensured that every right of the employees are now very well taken care of. Governments all over the world are facing challenges that are caused by employers or companies that does not value their employees very well. As the program has been made more accessible it is expected that more complaints will be heard.

Every employee from the top to the bottom has the right complain and report any instances of corruption and fraudulent cases to the authorities. Work ethics violations or and sexual harassment are encouraged to be raised. Several companies have faced license termination due to major violations towards their employees and at the law.

Having a whistleblower software reflects a great deal about a company. This means that they value the rights of his employees and are concerned about employee satisfaction.

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