Protect Yourself from Eshock

By Vito La Fata

Today with globalization and the online market, small changes in the economy and people's consumer tastes have commoditized many of the services we thought would be around forever, including your business.

Because of the changes in what consumers want, you have probably noticed your profits going down. In fact, some fitness professionals may find that they are even going out of business. A fifteen percent change in the buying behaviors of consumers may reduce your profit by fifteen to twenty percent. If you have a physical fitness studio, that percentage may account for your entire profit.

So here is the hard question for you: do you have specific strategies in place to protect yourself from losing profits? If you depend solely on your profit from a brick and mortar business structure and model, then you are probably already feeling the effects of the changing landscape in fitness.

Are you prepared for the Fitness E-Shock? The fitness e-shock is the eventual evolution of fitness and training moving to the online world and it eroding your income whether you want it to or not. Do you have something in place that allows you to buffer your business and instead prepare you to capitalize on the Fitness E-Shock?

Do you have other ways of making money? If you are like many fitness professionals, the only way you know how to make money is by leading classes, doing personal training and hosting bootcamps. But all of these things pretty much rely solely on in-person meetings.

The answer is to participate in the new fitness economy. In this new model, you protect yourself against the loss of income that comes from people moving to online sources of fitness help. You will not just be a trainer; you will guide your clients to resources that will help them to lose weight but you will still make money.

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