Unbiased USANA Review

By Dominik Mikula

In this review, I focus on the general aspect of income possibility with USANA. In other readings that I had, the company is indeed a one MLM company that slowly yet surely putting its name on the top as the best one in the industry. Certainly their products are not so-so yet of high standard. They have developed products that will answer the needs of everyone. Though their products are not for the masses however they display a quality and dependability. If this is the company you'll invest in, you'll get good results.

USANA Review: Earnings Chances

USANA Review History and Background

A Dr.Myron Wentz of West Valley City, Utah started USANA Health Sciences in 1992. As the name suggests it was founded to manufacture and distribute health-related products, a niche that it has stuck to over the years and is today the 24th largest direct sales company in the world. The company has a presence in sixteen major international markets.

USANA Review Numbers

USANA boasts of a staggering 250,000 distributors and 75,000 preferred customers. Figures for 2010 show that 90 per cent of the company's products were purchased by associates and the rest directly by end users or customers.

USANA Review: Items

The company provides a complete type of health insurance and dietary items, diet & energy items, and private care items. Their dietary items are scientifically made to supply the vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, along with other compounds your system needs for existence-lengthy health. For his or her diet & energy items, they contain meal substitutes and snack substitutes the body requires to keep a proper weight and sustain energy. Personal care items range from the latest discoveries when it comes to skin and private care and deliver elements which will refine, replenish and offer the skin.

USANA Review Products

The compnay has three major product lines, namely nutritionals, diet and Energy and Sense personal care. Manufacturing for 90 percent of the company's products is undertaken in-house. Recent new products include the Nutritional hybrid technology which is said to combine two nutritional tablets into a single one. Review of the Compensation Plan Distributors make money on both the products they personally move and those sold by their downline. The system used is a binary infinite compensation plan. As in other MLM companies the problem with this kind of binary system is that you must ensure that both downline legs are balanced in terms of volumes. The pay out rate is .45 cents to the dollar.

USANA review: Should you join?

One of the problems here is that there are so many health and wellness- related MLM companies out there and this makes it even more difficult for anybody to make money distributing these kind of products. Then there are the usual challenges of any MLM opportunity. Statistics show that between 80 and 90 percent of the people who join a network marketing opportunity hardly ever break even and many times the cost of running the business far exceeds their income. A lucky 5 to 10 per cent make an average living from it and only less than 5 per cent make a serious income. The harsh reality is that there are extremely few people who ever make any money out of MLM. Part of the reason is that without a proper and elaborate marketing system in place, there is no way you will make any headway in network marketing. Many times you will need to get the special training to do this from outside the program and even that is not a guarantee to success, especially in healthcare products which are plenty in the market and can usually be obtained in retail outlets at lower cost.

What can the company provide?

With experience within the medical area, In my opinion this is actually the best Multilevel marketing company that surface within the last 3 decades. The USANA reviews always shows positive feedbacks and to test their career chance is the greatest investment that you could make.

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