Exploring Effective Ways To Market Your Japanese Restaurant Business

By Chuck Malia

It is a fact that every sushi bar we know struggles with tradeoff of investing in while trying to take advantage of its potential growth in the industry. How do we solve this dilemma? Here are surefire techniques to grow your restaurant business and make it a profitable one.

If you own a sushi bar, and you'd like your restaurant business to expand, here's an idea. A club card would be a nice - so if the buyer drinks enough product example: there's ten holes to be punched, and all is used up, then he/she would receive a free drink. Having incentives attracts customers like moths to a flame.

Verify to share all of your industry-related activities on your Facebook page. If you subscribe for an event related to your restaurant, share this information with fans of your page. Encourage them to do so as well. Make good use of the "share" button on Facebook as an easy means to offer more people with information about your sushi bar.

You must record all day by day sushi bar transactions. Cash is the most critical of all restaurant business assets. You must check the precision and completeness of all cash transaction to avoid any theft or loss.

One of the most overlooked methods to expanding your sushi bar is client referral and word of mouth. If customer service isn't your top priority, possibly it should be. Word of mouth is still ranked as the number one referral way.

Give free recycling at your office. Allow anyone in the community to bring bottles and cans to recycle bins that you set up at your sushi bar address. You can also start an ewaste program, as many persons struggle to find a place to dispose of former electronics.

Though Radio only gives an auditory access about your product to the consumers but it is significant to publish on radio. People are tuned in to radio stations in their cars, workplace and their homes. It is going to cost you a few thousand dollars but the effort is worth it.

Throw an exciting event at your sushi bar that families could come to and have fun. Rent bounce houses for the children to play on, and sell inexpensive hot dogs and soda for everyone to eat. You could also create a raffle for the event, therefore people could win a wonderful prize.

Your sushi bar secret should only be known to you and may be your close associates. If an outsider comes to know about your secret, your restaurant business can be in danger. You should for instance never give access to your sushi restaurant documents to an unknown authority.

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