Why Fortune High-Tech Marketing?

By Jonathan Cawley

I'm not talking about the why of all the training manuals - you know, the why that you are supposed to tape to your bathroom mirror. Something like, "Fix the Roof" or "Pay off the Car" or even " Get Out of Debt." I'll get to that later. What I am talking about is a much deeper why, the why that will keep you going when it seems like you are going nowhere and you don't know why anybody should care whether or not you fix your roof or pay off your car.

The entire sales industry, and especially multi level marketing, was summed up by Dale Carnegie, when he said, "You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you."

In my thirty five years in sales, I can unequivocally say that the only way to succeed is to become genuinely interested in other people. That is the key to Dale Carnegie's success, Zig Ziglar's success, Paul Orberson's success, and ultimately, your success. And that is precisely why network marketing in general, and Fortune High Tech Marketing in particular, is so great.

Our focus and our goal in Fortune High Tech Marketing is to help our families and friends - people just like us - achieve financial independence.

I can't emphasize this enough. Our job is to free people from the burden of debt and doubt and all the problems associated with the lack of financial stability.

"The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower [is] servant to the lender." Ps 22:7 Solomon said this hundreds of years ago, and it's still true today. It's our privilege to give people the means to free themselves from the bondage of financial worry and debt.

Keep in mind that what we actually do is help people attain financial independence. I suggest this if you are just starting out, and especially if you are an old pro who is feeling discouraged or is uncomfortable "pestering" family and friends

Now you may tell me that not everyone who responds to your opportunity is able to just jump in, full time. That may be true, but would an extra $400 or $800 a month make a difference to your family? I would guess that it would help you out quite a bit. It would go a long way to paying those bills that you are struggling with right now, like a car payment or orthodontist fee. It might free up the cash to start that savings account that you just can't quite seem to find the funds for.

The beauty of network marketing in general, and FHTM in particular, is that once you reach that level of monthly, recurring income, the chances are that someone in your downline is going to take his business seriously, and will not only create wealth for himself, but because of how FHTM is structured, it will simultaneously create wealth for you, too!

Todd Rowland had that experience, but don't take it from me, watch his video!

Todd Rowland Interview

You should meet Todd if you haven't already; just like Dale Carnegie, he is genuinely interested in other people, which is the key to both Dale and Todd's success.

Just get this one lesson out of my how-to, and you will not only be successful in network marketing, but you'll be successful in anything you put your mind to, in every part of your life, including your marriage. It is the key to happiness in general and is altogether a life changing concept.

You say, Jon, I've heard all of this before. I know people with lots of money that don't care about anyone but themselves. I'll bet you anything that while they may be rich financially, they are personally miserable. And they will be especially miserable if anything happens to their big pile of cash!

Zig Ziglar, that great salesman, said "You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. "

Everything else will follow if you get that right.

Network marketing is structured so that when you help people develop their business, automatically you are building your own. How beautiful and different that is from big corporations, (and many small businesses,) where employees compete for positions, promotion, and market share!

Are you JOB (Just Over Broke?) Unfortunately that is where most of us spend our lives. But starting today, you can change all that. With the tools and training that FHTM and I can give you, that financial security that you have been dreaming of for you and your family will be yours.

All your effort and all your training and all the tools will not help you, however, if you don't learn Lesson #1: to be successful, you must be genuinely interested in other people.

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