Simplifying Search Engine Optimisation

By Anne Ellis

In the latter part of 2012, Google announced certain changes which made players of the search engine optimisation game redraft their game plan. Such response was but one proof that in the constantly evolving industry they are in, the name of the game is to always look for the most effective ways to make the web work to their advantage. Not much proof is required to show that their strategies work though as more and more clients rely on their expertise in order to make the most out of their online presence. Then again, not all services providers and clients work on the same page at all times. Thus, it is important for the services providers to manage the expectations of the latter.

At one point or the other, services providers find themselves working with clients who tell them to help improve their rankings for their chosen keywords. While it is understandable to be concerned about the website's ranking, there's more to optimisation that just landing on top. Services providers should remind their clients that it is more important to aim for the so-called targeted traffic and form connections with the targeted audience. That way, the attention that their products and services get can actually translate to sales.

Then there are clients who're just too eager to see the results of the optimisation efforts. These are the ones who need to be reminded that advancing in the game is an achievement which does not happen overnight. Even so, the moment their websites gain authority and rankings, they can focus their attention and resources on other important matters.

Also, there are clients who don't understand the word traffic when used in the context of optimisation. Explain to them that they need to know how the visitors are using their website. Guide them as they make sense of the statistics they gather from the reports. Those are the things they need in order to figure out ways on how to further develop their website.

As you continue to offer SEO services, you will be working with clients who have a better grasp of its technicalities and you'll likewise extend your services to the people with little to no knowledge of how SEO basically works. In any case, all of them will have their own set of expectations. In reality, not all of their projected outcomes are bound to be met that is why it is crucial to manage their expectations. That's your way of avoiding the possibility of your clients feeling disappointed, mislead and probably even question your competence.

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