Opening Day for Major League Baseball is right around the bend

By B. Crawford

We are only one day away from the start of the 2013 Major League Baseball season. However, most of the teams will start their season on Monday. Get ready for all of the enjoyment that goes with all of the rituals prior to the first pitch at every home ballpark over the course of the next couple of days. Employers should anticipate a lot of sick employees and reduced productivity next week.

Major League Baseball makes the start of the season quite an festival. Players get brought out one by one, the crowd gets all of their offseason anxiousness out by yelling and screaming, and there is usually a good amount of airplanes flying overhead which is always enjoyable for the fans in attendance. Hot dog and beer in hand, everyone is rapidly anticipating the first pitch of the game. Optimism is always at a peak, hopeful of all of the possibilities that season can hold.

No matter who you root for, everyone is tied for first place at the start of each season. There is no first place and there is no last place, only enthusiasm for what could be. The music blaring, the crowd is raucous and the beer is flowing; that always creates a fun environment for baseball. Statistics are starting from scratch where players have the ability to start fresh and achieve great things, a brand new chance to show what they are capable of.

Six months is a long time, seven months if you are successful enough to make it to the World Series. The Major League Baseball season is the longest of any professional sport and takes a lot of attention on the part of the players to thrive for that length of time. Those players that manage to stay on point for the entire season have great consistency and the results are usually beneficial to the team. Let the six month endurance contest of games begin, please!

As I write this blog, my palms are sweaty with excitement for the start of the season. As a fan of the Atlanta Braves, the way last season ended was a bitter pill to swallow. That one game playoff, of which I am not a fan at all, was a disaster and a supreme letdown. It made the winter tough to deal with, counting down the weeks, months, and days until Opening Day. Well, that day is finally here and I couldn't be more excited for the prospects of the season to come. Major League Baseball is the best sport in all the land and I'm ready to take on another season, I'll be at Turner Field staring through the gates prepared to be let in.

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