SEO Does Not Encourage Using Flash Imagery

By Fra Arellano

Your web page is your business's window to the world. It is through your internet site that your prospective clients know about your business, and also the services or goods you have to offer. But to know about your company, they need to first access your web page. This is why you have to optimize your web page design. With the correct optimization, you can reach a wide audience as are easily found on search engines.

Your internet site ought to be easy to navigate aside from being properly optimized. Search engines like Google add your site to their database as soon as it's indexed. However because search engines are lazy and get bored very easily, having confusing and complex navigation system only risks not getting entire sections of your site indexed.

SEO Singapore advises to never use Flash in your website design. Although Flash images happen to be appealing and attractive to look at, they take a long time to download. This in turn does not support search engine optimization because people are not patient enough to wait until the images get downloaded. So as opposed to using Flash images, SEO services suggest including as much keyword optimized articles on your website.

Your web content can therefore be anything you wish to write. You have to just look for, and write using the appropriate key phrases. While looking for your website, the words which most people use in search engines like Google are the key phrases you have to use.

You need to constantly and regularly add fresh content to your web page because it is not enough to just write your web page content and leave it untouched. Your internet site may get repeated visitors only if you interest your visitors to visit your site with fresh and informative content waiting for them.

Avoid adding both Flash and large-file images to your website. They could seem to help in enhancing the attractiveness of your website, then again embedded music, video clips and huge image files all need time to load. Visitors are normally not in the mood to wait for the images to get downloaded and may thus leave your site because of this.

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