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By Duncan P Bakshmidte

promotional products
While the holiday season is gone, a lot of hot bargains offered by a variety of retailers are not. Because many economies around the world are still recovering from the financial doldrums of the last few years, sellers have been forced to extend their bargains in order to keep customers coming to their stores. For all those researching for promotional products Sydney should be on top of their list.

Anyone looking for an iPhone 5 on the cheap should turn to Telstra or Vodafone. Both companies are offering the svelte smartphone at great prices, with a monthly repayment plan for those who happen to be cash strapped. Prices vary with the phone's storage capacity, with the sixteen gigabyte model being the cheapest, and the sixty four gigabyte model being the most expensive.

Apple's biggest competitor in the smartphone space is Samsung, and the Korean company is well known for its cutting edge Android offerings. The firm's Galaxy S3 remains one of the company's top selling devices. Just like the iPhone, this popular smartphone is also available at Telstra and Vodafone for a very reasonable price. Those who are cash strapped should buy the sixteen gigabyte model, then purchase a memory card to expand the storage.

While Google's and Apple's mobile operating systems tend to dominate the smartphone market, alternatives are available for those who would prefer something different. Of particular note is the Windows Phone platform, an intuitive operating system designed by the technology giant, Microsoft. Devices using the company's highly intuitive software tend to be very competitively priced, and customers should visit Telstra or Vodafone to purchase one.

Finding the right smartphone may involve quite a bit of walking, and will eventually make someone hungry. Fortunately, cut price offers are not limited to electronic devices only; a number of establishments in Australia have great bargains on their food and drinks. These include a twenty five dollar two course meal at the Brothers restaurant and an early bird promotional offer at several Asian food outlets. A number of eateries also offer free drinks with food.

For offers on clothing, a range of electrical and electronic goods, food and other items, a visit to any of Sydney's supermarkets comes highly recommended. Its hard to miss them, as they tend to be very close to the outlet's entrance. Such offers are great way to save a lot of money.
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Offers on gowns, halls, rings among other items make this one of the best times to do a wedding. Some churches even offer their premises for free, while ministers take a cut on what they usually charge. If marriage is for life, then there is no better time to start than now. For lovebirds, and anyone else looking for promotional products Sydney should be their first stop.

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